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'The Force'

A Mother & Daughter
Point of View
"Endometriosis is such a cruel condition that has taken so much of my life already, at only 24 years old. Including a successful business, hobbies I love, countless events, friendships, a lot of my education in previous years and ultimately both my physical and mental health.  The hardest part of living with Endometriosis for me, is the lack of understanding behind the disease. It is powerful enough to take your breath away, throw you to the ground and leave you terrified. It is evil enough to steal your organs and leave the others fused in scar tissue. It is strong enough to invade your whole body and though it may not quite kill you directly, it sure as hell will stop you from living. I feel it is so important that awareness of Endometriosis continues to be raised and the false stereotypes of a 'painful period' are changed to allow everyone to understand how serious and chronically debilitating Endometriosis really is.

As a sufferer, I particularly want to create change within the medical community for treating the disease, but also see massive change on how they treat those with the condition too. It is far too common how much gaslighting and lack of urgency, care and compassion the Endo Community face.

I started fundraising for Endometriosis as a way of fighting back, and truthfully a great distraction from the harsh realities I was facing.  It was also due to pure frustration of having no options, answers and such little medical input in front of me. It was the fear that I may always feel like this and most definitely the fact that I was not alone in this that neither, that really fueled me to start making a change. All of this paired with  love for event orginasing and the strength and skill of my mother behind me, was a 'Force' to be reckoned with.  The best part of it for me is meeting such like minded people and seeing all the support. I am forever grateful. "

Becky Leigh x 
"As a parent, you want to do everything you can to protect your child, and I felt up until Becky was about 15  I had done that. Then there was Endometriosis and everything changed.

Of course, we didn’t know it was Endometriosis, which took several years to finally diagnose. Years of not being believed, years of wrong diagnoses, and years of frustration and pain for Becky. Naively I thought once we knew what we were dealing with then it would be fine, Becky would get the right treatment path and would start to feel better. How wrong I was.

Becky was advised to have laparoscopic surgery to scrape the endometriosis away from the parts of her body it was clinging to, a surgery we have now learnt made the condition worse as it left lesions and scar tissue that caused harder-to-manage symptoms. Becky has now been offered every suitable treatment currently available to alleviate her debilitating symptoms, but nothing works, on her worse days she has to resort to morphine and take to her bed for days.
It would appear that Endometriosis treatments are out of date and with no funding, there is no research. This has to change for Becky and for 1.5 million other women who are affected by this disease.

Endo has robbed my beautiful girl of so much , but not her spirit , I am in awe of her strength to get up every day and keep fighting . She is the Force behind this , and I truly hope that the events we put on and the amazing support from our wonderful followers makes a difference.'

The Mumager - Katy Leigh 💛 x 
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