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We are proud to present to you 'The Curse' a bespoke GIN made by Selkirk Distillers.

Every bottle sold will see a donation of £10! We have decided to split this with the Menstrual Health Project as well as The BIG Yellow Force, to help create a much-needed change for the sufferers.


'The Curse' represents Endometriosis, a cruel and painfully debilitating condition affecting 1 in 10 women, We wanted to incorporate a rose to not only symbolize beauty, but it also hold significant meaning as the

Da Vinci's Code for a Rose symbolizes womanhood, strength and female-gynaecological power.

The rose thorns can be seen to be intertwined around the torso cutting deeply, signifying the painful fight between Endometriosis and its sufferer(s). The rose blooming in her hair has subtle connotations, including the gentle reminder of everyone's Beauty and Power, determination to push past on your hardest days and how Endometriosis may be an invisible illness, but we all see your strength and the fight in you.


Our yellow roses, signify beauty and power.

You should wear your yellow rose daily to remind you of these strengths. To show your support to Endometriosis sufferers, buy your yellow pin and wear it proudly to remind them of all the beauty, strength and power that they hold, despite 'their curse'.

These will be available in supporting shops and at all of our events. 

The Curse GIN will be available directly through Selkirk Distillers website, and in his shop in Selkirk.


We decided to share the funds created from The Curse GIN with Menstrual Health Project as a collab effort to create real change in the lives of those living with Endometriosis. Better understanding, education, resources and overall care and treatment need to be improved drastically to allow everyone to understand how serious and debilitating Endometriosis is. Menstrual Health Project particularly wants to help us make a difference in Scotland, as well as across the board. 



"Our mission is to provide practical support for those suffering with menstrual health concerns and conditions through educational tools and resources. We are aware of the challenges those suffering with these concerns & conditions face. We strive to help people navigate these conditions more confidently, accurately & comfortably, whatever stage in life they are at."

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