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The BIG Yellow Force is a Non-profit organization based in Scotland. We are a strong and fearless force on a mission to support the 1 in 10 individuals fighting Endometriosis far and wide, but with particular aims here in Scotland. Our goal is to allow Endometriosis to be understood and treated with urgency, care and proper treatment. With it already taking up to 9 years to diagnose in Scotland and currently being faced with no government funding or support- we have alot of work to do! Working closely with Endometriosis charities, foundations, motions, clinics and governing bodies- we will begin to create a world where Endometriosis is taken as seriously as its debilitating nature.


By raising awareness, providing education, funding trials, helping implement government change and raising vital donations to make it all happen, we can begin to make a real change to not only the lives of those living with endometriosis, but a massive improvement to the awful statistics attached to this condition and the lack of care available to treat it. It is vital that we, as a Force, see through exactly where donations go and the difference they are making. Endometriosis is a condition that has changed our life as a family and we have witnessed first hand the gaslighting, medical negligence, lack of support, treatment options and general care sufferers are faced with. We look forward to sharing the changes we make along the way, we know we have our work cut out but with our passion and determination paired with our event skills, team of talented and skilled volunteers- we really are a FORCE to be reckoned with.

We want to ensure each hospital can properly treat individuals with Endometriosis. We ensure to push for Endometriosis specialty care to be available to every sufferer with modern treatment and understanding of the disease, despite their postcode. Endometriosis is not just a painful period, it is debilitating and life threatening. It fuses itself to organs, often resulting in dysfunction, failure and often removal of organ(s), YET there is still no cure or escape from its brutality. We want education taking place in school, college and employers also being aware on how they can help support sufferer's. We also push for the change of Endometriosis being mandatory to learn when studying general practice medicine and of course to those studying gynaecology or specialising in female fertility, it needs to be learnt thoroughly and treated with care, empathy and with modern medicine! It is not fair, nor normal, that those facing Endometriosis often have to educate the medical professionals they come across when they are experiencing as much pain as someone having a heart attack (fact!)  

We want the narrative to be different for the next generation. We want women's health to be taken seriously! We want CHANGE and above all, we want RELIEF. We will not stop until we are heard. 

Join us in our mission by attending our events, volunteering, or making a donation. Together, we can create a brighter future for those affected by Endometriosis. Stay up to date with our latest activities and news by following us on social media.

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