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The BIG Yellow Force
Strong, Fearless and on a mission for the 1 in 10 fighting Endometriosis. 

The BIG Yellow Force was created by a mother, daughter duo on a mission for the 1 in 10 battling Endometriosis.  We are a voluntary fundraising organization that is dedicated to raising crucial funds to improve the lives of those living with Endometriosis, particularly in Scotland.

We work closely with Endometriosis charities, foundations, motions and clinics to provide education, resources and support to help those battling the condition - whilst helping create a change for the next generation of #1in10. 

We do this through bringing new, exciting events that make it easy for you to want to get involved!

To see our upcoming events click here.

We can't wait to bring more events to our supporters,  and better care to the victims of Endometriosis all whilst raising awareness and crucial funds. 

Our mission is to create a world where Endometriosis is better understood, better treated and hopefully one day, cured. We will achieve this by raising awareness, offering support, providing education, promoting research, funding trials, working closely with clinics and charities as-well as MSP's to create parliamentary change. 

Endometriosis affects 1.5 million in the UK alone, yet the average diagnosis time is up to 9 years. This urgently needs improved drastic improvement. More often than not, sufferers are often wrongly diagnosed, ignored and ultimately medically gaslighted  trying to receive an Endometriosis diagnosis. 

Our MISSION is to create a much needed CHANGE!


We are actively looking for keen volunteers!

As we are a non-profit orgnisation, we heavily rely on kind donations and wonderful volunteers. We are looking for individuals who may like to volunteer their skills and time for our upcoming events, or perhaps you are looking for some work experience! 

We also more than welcome any support from business's that  may like to get involved with The Force and our events. We have a strong marketing team and great connections with media ready to give back to any Business's keen to support/sponsor a great cause.

Our Sponsors

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